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Employee Vehicle Registration

Employee Vehicle Registration Form PDF (73k) Print, fill in, and mail.

Send the completed form to:

Tracy Picard
Buildings & Grounds Department
Box 704.

The Employee Vehicle Registration Form is also available at Facilities Operations and Human Resources. Please fill out the form completely before submitting to Facilities Operations.

Permanent Employees

Full-time and part-time permanent employees (staff, administrators, faculty) are eligible for a permanent car sticker.

Temporary Employees

Temporary employees are not eligible for a permanent car sticker. A Temporary Parking Permit can be obtained either from Human Resources or Security. Temporary faculty can obtain their temporary parking permit from the Dean of Faculty Office.

When to Notify B&G

  • When you get a new license plate
  • When you get rid of your car (sell it or junk it)
    • Please remove sticker from car
  • When you purchase another car (new or used)

Rental Car / Borrowed Car

  • If you have a rental car or are borrowing a car, you can get a Temporary Parking Permit from Security or Human Resources.
  • When you get your permanent car, you can then request a permanent car sticker from B&G.